Syria Expels Jesuit Priest Who Spoke for Change

The Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio traveled to Beirut, Lebanon, last week after Syria expelled him over his increasingly active role in criticizing the violence. BEIRUT, Lebanon — Thick wooden beams barred the doors of St. Cyril’s Church in Damascus when friends of Bassel Shahade, a young opposition filmmaker killed in Homs in late May, arrived for […]

Syrian pilot flies his MiG to Jordan, gets asylum

BEIRUT—A Syrian fighter pilot on a training mission flew his MiG-21 warplane to neighboring Jordan, where he was

The Qaida and the Syrian Regime: Penetration, Cooperation, or Enmity?

The Qaida and the Syrian Regime: Penetration, Cooperation, or Enmity? The previous article tackled upon four of the five major explosions that have shaken Damascus since December 2011. The Syrian regime accused the Qaida linked opposition, and the opposition accused the regime of fabricating such explosions to propagate its story of the popular uprising. An […]

The Escalating Violence in Syria: Damascus Explosions

The Escalating Violence in Syria Damascus Explosions As an episode in the Arab Spring phenomena, Syria witnessed on March 15th 2011 the beginning of a popular uprising against the Assad family ruling since 1970. From the very beginning, the regime started accusing armed terrorist Salafist groups linked to the Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood organizations. These […]

BBC: Does al-Qaeda have a foothold in Syria?

Paul Wood reports from Syria on al-Qaeda’s influence in the country Amid growing concern among some Western officials about al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Syrian uprising, the BBC’s Paul Wood – who has been back inside Syria – assesses the influence of Islamists in Syria’s anti-government protests. “People are fed up with journalists,” says the Free […]

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Syria brawls to cope with economic crunch

DAMASCUS – Sanctions on Syria are getting harder with world countries racing every now and then to introduce new package of sanctions to further squeeze the Syrian economy and accelerate the collapse of its economic system as an introduction for toppling the Syrian regime.